Frequently asked questions.

How to buy Smart Marketing Token (SMT)?

You can buy SMT tokens:

What is Smart Marketing Token?

SMT is a marketing agency based on blockchain that will help with promoting projects created on Student Coin Terminal. Our mission is to spread the voice about crypto all around the globe.
SMT will be developing a couple of marketing products made for marketers, and helping blockchain projects. Such as:
  • SMT.Services - a platform that will enable projects to purchase marketing services directly from one page using SMT tokens.
  • Educational Platform - made only for SMT community members, where the SMT team will be sharing videos, tips, and educational content on how to promote the web3 project.
  • Voting - The community of SMT holders will have an opportunity for their voices to be heard. They can choose and vote with their tokens on future project development. The more SMT tokens community member holds, the stronger their voice is.
  • Premium holders program - SMT provides the opportunity to join the Premium holders program. Simply add your SMT tokens, participate in activities on Student Coin Wallet, and get rewards in return.
  • Fixed Fee promotion - SMT will be providing promotional services for projects based on blockchain. Assistance will be billed based on the commission from the sales.

How can I join the SMT team?

If you are interested in marketing and you wish to help improving the SMT project please contact us at: [email protected]

Is SMT Token minable?

No, SMT Token is pre-mined and is distributed according to our whitepaper. You cannot mine it.

On what Blockchain is SMT?

SMT is being developed on the Ethereum network. We are not planning to enter other blockchains at the moment.